Hi! I'm Amy...you probably figured that out since this site is called Amy Miller Designs! ; )

Creative…this word pretty much describes me since I was little.  That’s all I know how to be. It’s just the way my mind works and my God given talent.  It’s nothing that was taught to me, just who I am.  At the age of eight I subscribed to my first craft magazine and have been creating ever since.

Education:  I have a BS degree in Apparel Merchandising, Design & Production.  I have also taken many other design classes since my degree to keep my skills up to date and learn new things.

Style & Specialty:  My specialty is children’s design. I love children’s products be it clothing, toys, room décor, etc.  My style is very fun & cute, it typically brings a little smile to your face!  Any product that’s juvenile & fun is what I love to design.

Work History:  My professional design career began in the children’s apparel industry and has evolved into graphic design and handcrafted goods. I’ve worked for various apparel companies doing many aspects of the design cycle.  I’ve also freelanced and sold my artwork through a design studio in NY.  I’ve worked in various creative industries for 15 years.

Computer Knowledge:  I have extensive knowledge in Illustrator, Photoshop and work on a Mac platform.

Work Ethic:  I take great pride in everything my hands touch.  Everything I do is on time and done with great thought and care.  I thrive on detailed work.  I take what I do very seriously but like to have fun and laugh along the way.