DIY Decorated Christmas Candy Bar Wrapper Ideas

Posted by Amy Miller on 22 December, 2022

DIY Christmas Candy Bar Wrapper Ideas


I recently made some decorated candy bars for Christmas to donate to an organization that was collecting them to pass out to kids in need and senior citizens.  I've never decorated candy bars before so it was fun to create something different than what I usually do.  My goal was to just use craft supplies that I had on hand and not buy anything but the candy bars.  I pretty much kept to that goal but ended up buying some Hershey's kisses for the reindeer's noses.  This post is mainly just for ideas and inspiration, not a step by step tutorial, but I will share a few tips on how I made some of the creations.

 Supplies used to make christmas candy bar wrappers

The photo above shows most of the supplies I used.  I used just basic Elmer's glue to glue everything together.  The paper I used for the reindeer was a tube of brown kraft paper that I use to wrap packages to ship.  The paper I used for the santas and snowmen was a tube of white paper that is to wrap packages in too. 

Kit Kat Bar Christmas Wrappers

The reindeer, Santa and short snowmen were all make out of Kit Kat bars.

Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers

 The longer snowmen were made out of Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream candy bars.

Santa Candy Bar Wrappers

I love how these Santas turned out!  They feel like a craft that I would have made in grade school!

Santa Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers Details

For the Santa hat I unrolled a cotton ball (not sure all cotton balls are made this way) to use for the Santa hat fur bottom and some leftover pieces of cotton ball rolled up for the ball on top of the hat.  For the beard I cut full sized cotton balls into slices with a scissors. 

Reindeer Candy Bar Wrappers

The reindeers were really fun to make!  I came up with the idea to use a red Hershey's kiss for that famous reindeers nose.  So you get a little bonus chocolate with the reindeer nose!  For the antlers I made a template to print onto construction paper and cut out a bunch of them.  I've included a pdf antler template for you to use if you would like to print the template onto construction paper.  I've always had success running construction paper through my printer.  I've made the template in 2 for the reg construction paper size of 9 x 12 and regular 8.5 x 11 size paper.  If using the 9x12 size make sure your printer is set up for that size.  On my printer I had to make it a custom size in order to print it out correctly.  Click here for 9 x 12 template and click here for 8.5 x 11 template.

Antlers for Reindeer Candy Bar Wrappers

Santa and Reindeer Candy Bar Wrappers 

Tips to Attach Candy Bar Wrapper

This is probably obvious how to attach the paper wrapper for the body or face but what I did was attach the underside with a little piece of tape to the back side of the candy bar to secure it and then wrap it around the candy bar and attach with one or two pieces of tape.

Snowman Candy Bar Wrappers

 The snowmen are a great way to use up small scraps of construction paper.

Snowman Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers

Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers 


Personalized Halloween Ornaments

Posted by Amy Miller on 30 October, 2022

New for this Halloween I've added Halloween ornaments to my shop!  All these ornaments are printed on 1 side, the back is silver/aluminum metal.  They are ultra lightweight, durable thin glossy coated aluminum.  Click here purchase these ornaments.

Ghost Halloween Ornaments
Personalized Ghost Family Halloween Ornament
Halloween Ornaments

Social Distancing Neighborhood Visual Easter Egg Hunt with Free Printables

Posted by Amy Miller on 11 April, 2020

Since Easter Egg Hunts are cancelled this year I decided to make a visual paper Easter Egg hunt in my front yard!  During this uncertain time with the coronavirus I wanted to make something fun for my neighborhood to enjoy on their daily walks and spread a little joy for kids and adults.  This Visual Easter Egg Hunt kit includes 6 eggs and a sign to place outside. 

Easter Egg Hunt Printables

There are 3 egg versions to choose page has 6 colored patterned eggs, another page has 6 black and white outlined patterned eggs to color yourself and there is one page with just 6 plain eggs to color and design however you would like. The eggs measure 3 3/4" tall once cut out.  Six eggs print per page.

Easter Egg Hunt Coloring Sheets

Once you've printed and/or colored your paper eggs you can attach them to a stick to put in the ground.  I happened to have some bamboo skewers on hand and they worked very well to attach the egg to the stick with scotch tape. 

Easter Egg Hunt Egg How To

Paper Eggs for Easter Egg Hunt

I found a wooden stake in our scrap pile to hold up my sign.  I also found a clear sleeve to insert my sign into to protect it from the elements outside.  I'm not sure where I even got this clear plastic sleeve but you could also use a clear sheet protector.  I used a staple gun to attach the sign to the wooden stake. 

Easter Egg Hunt SignI placed the eggs throughout the front yard and might move them each day.  Can you find the eggs below?! 

Easter Egg Hunt Paper Egg Display Click this link to download your free printable Visual Easter Egg hunt kit.  Have fun and share photos with me if you use this kit.  Have fun, stay safe and have a Happy Easter!!


Prom Decorations - DIY Prom Printables

Posted by Amy Miller on 31 March, 2017

New to the shop...Prom Decoration Kit!!  Great for a pre or post Prom Party!  This Prom decoration kit is designed with black and gold digital image glitter.  Great to coordinate with various party themes.  The kit includes a "Prom 2017" banner, 8 x 10 Art Print, 2" Party Circles - 6 "Prom 2017" and 6 "Party" and "Prom 2017" folding table top tents.  You can purchase the kit here.

Prom 2017 DIY Printable Decoration Kit

Prom 2017 Banner

Prom 2017 Party Decorations

Prom DIY Printable Decorations


Prom 2017 DecorationsSave


Valentine's Day Heart Coloring Pages

Posted by Amy Miller on 09 February, 2016

With the popularity of the adult coloring book craze I decided to make some FREE Valentine's Day themed color pages!   Do you like to color?  Confession:  about 15 years ago I use to keep a Winnie the Pooh coloring book and colors under the seat of my car to color on long road trips!  So needless to say I love to color! ; )  I made 3 different heart coloring pages ranging from basic to a little more detailed. 

Free Valentine's Day Heart Coloring Pages

To download the chevron heart coloring page click here.

Chevron Heart Coloring Page

To download the random hearts coloring page click here.  Does anyone else think this one kinda of looks like an animal print pattern?

Valentine's Day Heart Coloring Page

To download the heart rows coloring page click here.

Heart Coloring Pages

Enjoy and happy coloring!!

Valentine's Day Tree Decorations

Posted by Amy Miller on 04 February, 2016

Do you decorate a lot for Valentine's Day?  I have a couple areas in my house where I switch out seasonal decor.  I lack table top space to decorate in my house, which is probably a good thing or I would go crazy with decorations!  I came across this small white tree a few years ago and made it into a Valentine's Day tree.  A perfect tree to display my Valentine's cupcake ornaments

valentine's day tree decorations


white valentine's day tree


valentine cupcake tree decorations

I also have a small pink tree that I use in my office at Christmas time decorated with Hello Kitty ornaments, but now it has cupcakes!

valentines cupcake tree decorations

Need some goodies for your Valentine's Day tree?  Head to my shop and take a look around!

Valentines cupcake decorations

The tree below is one of those wire foil centerpieces that I found at the dollar store.  I just fanned out the wire and took a pencil and wrapped the wire around the ends in a spiral pattern to make "hooks" to hang my cupcakes on.

valentines day tree decorations

Happy decorating!

Personalized Christmas Ornament Sale

Posted by Amy Miller on 09 December, 2015

Do you have someone on your Christmas list who had a baby this year or a couple who got married? Give them a cute personalized keepsake to remember the occasion year after year.  All personalized cupcake ornaments are on sale now thru December 13th, 2015.  Sale valid only at

Flash Sale on Cookies Banner

Posted by Amy Miller on 21 November, 2015

**FLASH SALE** going on this weekend only (Nov 21 & 22, 2015)!

Get this adorable "Cookies" Gingerbread woman themed DIY Printable banner for 50% off...only $4.00!! Great to hang up at Holiday Bake Sales, Cookie Walks & Cookie Exchanges & Swaps! It's an instant download file so you'll have your banner within minutes of ordering to print, cut and hang! Get your banner HERE!

Thanksgiving Art Print Sale

Posted by Amy Miller on 07 November, 2014

Is anyone else in denial that it's November and Thanksgiving is a few weeks away?  I can't believe it's that time of year again.

I'm running a 50% off sale on my Thanksgiving art prints from now until November 17, 2014.  Both prints below are on sale for $9.00, regularly $18.00.  They are 8x10 and ready to ship tomorrow! This NEW "Be Thankful" print is one of my new favorites.  The popularity of wooden planked walls in home decor inspired me to translate that trend into this print design.  All of the nature elements in this print says "Fall" to me.

This subway print design states all the things that Thanksgiving is.

You can find both prints in my shop here.  No coupon code needed they are already marked down.

What's Cooking: Beer Cheese Dip

Posted by Amy Miller on 19 September, 2014

Last weekend my husband wanted some nachos after we got done playing tennis.  Normal craving after playing a sport right??  I think nachos is pretty much code for wanting a vast amount of cheese and a chip is what you use to get that cheese in your mouth!  So to curb that cheese craving I remembered a Beer Cheese Dip recipe I came across the week before that I pinned to my Appetizers, Dips and Drinks board on Pinterest.

This recipe is super simple and has 3 ingredients:  beer (I used Bud Light), cream cheese and pepper jack cheese.  You can find out how to make this yumminess at A Spicy Perspective.  You make it on the stove and takes just a few minutes.  It tastes great and has a good smooth creamy consistency.  We just used the dip with plain tortilla chips but it would be great to drizzle (or saturate) a platter of nachos with ground beef and all the fixings.  With football season in full swing this would be perfect for a party or after playing tennis like we ate it! ; )

What’s Cooking is a section on my blog where I share various recipes I've tried and liked!  I always love to find a good recipe to add to my arsenal for the dreaded question: What are we having to eat?  Hopefully you'll like what I find and share.  Most recipes come from my way too many Pinterest boards and from way too many bloggers I follow.  To take a look at some other things I’ve been cooking go here!

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