Fun and Sparkly Christmas Wreath

Posted by Amy Miller on 29 December, 2012

Do you have a Holiday decoration that you put up every year just because you have it but don't really like it?  Well that's the story of my Christmas wreath that I hang on my front door.  I made the one below about 10 years ago and liked it at the time but over the years many things have fallen off, the pine cones keep disintegrating and so on.  I read somewhere that a wreath on your front door says something about your personality.  I didn't like what my old wreath was saying about my personality, so this year I pulled my wreath out from the attic and said I'm not putting this up again, I'm making a new one.

Old Christmas Wreath

So off to Michaels I went to get a new wreath, ornaments, ribbon and fun glittery poinsettias and curly-Q picks (love these)!

Wreath Supplies

The first thing I did was make a new bow:

Wreath with Bow

I found my bow maker I made and used for a bunch of pew bows for my wedding about 10 years ago.

Bow Maker

I made my bow maker out of some scrap wood and dowel rods I had.  You can find a similar one here that you can most likely find at one of the mass craft stores.  I haven't used it since my wedding and just stared at it and couldn't remember how to go about using it.  So off to the world wide web I went to see if I could find out how to use it again.  I found this great step by step video that showed how to make a wreath bow and that's exactly how I made my bow. I decided to use floral wire to attach all the decorations to my wreath.  The old wreath I made I just hot glued everything onto it and I live in a very warm weather climate and store my wreath in the attic of my garage.  I think the glue might have kind of come unglued with the hot weather temperature.  We'll see if this new one holds up a little better over the years being attached with wire instead of glue. So here's what my new wreath looks like.  I think it shows my personality a little more than the old one! ; )

Christmas Wreath from Amy Miller Designs

A close up view:

Christmas Wreath Close Up

I didn't get my new wreath made until Dec 24th (can you say procrastination?) so I'm looking forward to putting it up next year!

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