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Valentine's Day Heart Coloring Pages

Posted by Amy Miller on 09 February, 2016

With the popularity of the adult coloring book craze I decided to make some FREE Valentine's Day themed color pages!   Do you like to color?  Confession:  about 15 years ago I use to keep a Winnie the Pooh coloring book and colors under the seat of my car to color on long road trips!  So needless to say I love to color! ; )  I made 3 different heart coloring pages ranging from basic to a little more detailed. 

Free Valentine's Day Heart Coloring Pages

To download the chevron heart coloring page click here.

Chevron Heart Coloring Page

To download the random hearts coloring page click here.  Does anyone else think this one kinda of looks like an animal print pattern?

Valentine's Day Heart Coloring Page

To download the heart rows coloring page click here.

Heart Coloring Pages

Enjoy and happy coloring!!

Valentine's Day Tree Decorations

Posted by Amy Miller on 04 February, 2016

Do you decorate a lot for Valentine's Day?  I have a couple areas in my house where I switch out seasonal decor.  I lack table top space to decorate in my house, which is probably a good thing or I would go crazy with decorations!  I came across this small white tree a few years ago and made it into a Valentine's Day tree.  A perfect tree to display my Valentine's cupcake ornaments

valentine's day tree decorations


white valentine's day tree


valentine cupcake tree decorations

I also have a small pink tree that I use in my office at Christmas time decorated with Hello Kitty ornaments, but now it has cupcakes!

valentines cupcake tree decorations

Need some goodies for your Valentine's Day tree?  Head to my shop and take a look around!

Valentines cupcake decorations

The tree below is one of those wire foil centerpieces that I found at the dollar store.  I just fanned out the wire and took a pencil and wrapped the wire around the ends in a spiral pattern to make "hooks" to hang my cupcakes on.

valentines day tree decorations

Happy decorating!

I Love You said with Cupcakes!

Posted by Amy Miller on 14 February, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!! I'm sharing some Valentine's Day cupcakes with you that I made a year or so ago.  There is no special recipe just a chocolate cake mix from the box and chocolate and white canned frosting.  I wanted to focus on the fun part of decorating and not fuss with making them from scratch!

I Love You Cupcakes

Valentines Day Cupcakes

A closer view...

Valentines Day Cupcakes Closeup

Valentines Day Cupcakes Closeup

Valentines Day Cupcakes Closeup

Valentines Day Cupcakes Closeup

Have a fun and happy day! What’s Baking is a section on my blog where I share various items I’ve been making and baking!  I’ve loved to bake since I was little!  Some recipes or creations I’ve made up myself and some are things I’ve made from my way too many Pinterest boards and from way too many bloggers I follow.  To take a look at some other things I’ve been baking go here!

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Boxes Recycled for Gift Boxes and All Dressed Up

Posted by Amy Miller on 13 February, 2013

Turn those boring chocolate heart boxes into a work of art with some basic craft supplies!  After the chocolates are gone use them for a gift box!  These were seriously so fun to make.  I could have made way more but I had to stop myself and get this blog post finished!  These embellished boxes are pretty self explanatory by looking through the photos but I'll point a few things out here and there.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Box Designs Group1

First you need some heart boxes, kind of obvious I guess.  I had a couple saved at my house and bought a few too.  Tip - if you would like to get some of these boxes to have on hand pick some up the day after Valentine's Day when they are 50% off or more!

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Boxes Plain Group

Word of warning if you are buying boxes mainly for the actual heart shaped box, not for the chocolates.  Be careful of the plastic molded ones like the one below.  I wanted 1 more large box and got this one at Wal-mart I think for $3.00 but it won't make a good gift box because the plastic molding is all one piece so you can't remove it.  I'm not sure if all the plastic heart boxes are this way but just a heads up.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Plastic Box

You can use just about any type of creative items to dress up your boxes.  You could use gift wrap or scrapbook paper and call it a day or keep on embellishing.  From my craft arsenal I gathered some wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, chalkboard contact paper, stickers, bakers twine, washi tape and some small clothespins.  I never got to use the small clothespins because I ran out of boxes to dress up but they would have been cute to glue to the box and put a little love note or To/From tag in the clothespin.

Craft supplies to dress up Valentine's Day chocolate heart boxes

At first I thought of just dressing up the outside of the boxes to make them a little cuter with leaving the chocolates inside.  Then I figured they would be good to recycle and use for gift boxes for Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings and etc. presents.  I was really surprised how many different items I could fit in the boxes since they are only about 1" tall.  As you scroll through the photos below you'll see I ended up making some themed  boxes.  The items below came from various sources (mainly Target, Wal-mart and Michaels) and some items I had on hand.  Gift cards, Disney or other amusement park tickets would be fun to put in these boxes too.  You might need to take some of the items out of the packaging in order to fit in the box.

Ideas to fill empty chocolate box hearts

To get started take the top/front of the box and flip it over and trace it onto the back of the paper you would like to use.  Cut out the paper heart and attach with glue or double sided scotch tape to the front of your box.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Boxes Redesign With Paper

After the new paper is attached you can embellish to your hearts content! For the box below I used striped wrapping paper, white card stock, bakers twine and washi tape.  The heart balloons were inspired by the artwork I made in honor of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Boxes Heart Balloon Theme

Confession time...I have many rolls of washi tape but have never used them!  Yes, that's grounds for some type of crafting offense I'm sure...please don't turn me into the craft police!  ha ha  A couple weeks ago I came across these beautiful cards made by Omiyage.  I liked the technique they used to make shapes by overlapping the washi tape so that's what I did to make the heart balloons on this box. If you are like "what the heck is washi tape", go here and Omiyage explains what it's all about.  You can also purchase washi tape from their shop here.  The bakers twine is from The Twinery.  Oh, I made a heart template that you can download towards the bottom of this post.  The template is a sheet of graduated sized hearts ranging from 1" to 4".

Tutorial on how to make shapes with washi tape

This box became a craft themed gift box.  Some of the items include: ribbon, mini paper punches, glitter, pencils, erasers, washi tape, heart post-it notes, fun edge scissors and a little candy!

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Boxes Heart Balloon Craft Theme

For those that don't know, I suffer from Hello Kitty addiction.  I don't know if there is a cure, but I really don't want to be cured!  ; )  The 5 year old in me just takes over when I see Hello Kitty and I get all excited and sometime start clapping when it's super cute!  (yes I really do that!)  So while I was staring at my pile of heart boxes the HK face entered my mind and out came this box.  I used white & yellow card stock, black contact paper (you can just use black card stock, I had the black contact paper in front of me so that's what I used) and red polka dot ribbon for the bow.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Box Hello Kitty Theme

What's inside?  Yep, HK items!  HK keychain, bracelet, magnet clip, lipgloss and candy!

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Box Hello Kitty Theme Inside

Ok, this one is my FAVORITE!!  I LOVE hot air balloons.  I've been fascinated by them since I was a kid.  I wanted to make a box with some dimension and a hot air balloon is what came to my mind.   I used scrapbook paper and bakers twine for this box.  I cheated and made my clouds in Illustrator with the wording.  I have horrible hand writing and didn't want to ruin my design with it so I used the computer!

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Box Hot Air Balloon Theme

Here's a quick little tutorial on how to make the hot air balloon.  Trace and cut out 3 heart shapes (you can download a heart template down further in this post), fold them in half, glue or use double sided scotch tape to attach them to each other.  There will be a half heart shape left on each side to glue or tape down to your box.  Pretty easy!

Tutorial to make a paper hot air balloon out of a heart

This box became a bakers theme.  Heart shape cookie cutter, sprinkles, mini cupcake liners and candy are what landed in this box.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Box Hot Air Balloon Baking Theme

To be honest, I'm a girly girl designer and my mind just doesn't think in boy land.  I noticed I didn't have anything representing a boys theme and all I could think was Vroom, Vroom!  This was suppose to be a basic car theme but it turned into a Disney's Cars theme.  I was trying to find some basic car stickers with traffic signs but couldn't find anything but Disney's Cars stickers.  This box I used red card stock, Cars stickers and road - looking washi tape. I realize you might not be able to find road -looking washi tape, in place of that just use strips of black card stock and use white chalk or White Out to make the white dash lines.

Valentine's Day Heart Chocolate Box Cars Theme

In the box...Disney's Cars Sticker Tape roll (found at Wal-mart in the greeting card section), match box car, erasers and candy.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Box Cars Theme Inside

This next one I really didn't like how it turned out and I wasn't going to include it but decided to anyways.  Do you ever have an idea and it's so cool in your head then you go to create it and you're like this does not look how it did in my head?  Well, that's what happened with this box.  Chalkboard art seems to be all the rage and I wanted to create something with black chalkboard contact paper I recently bought.  I wanted to get some colored chalk markers but couldn't find them so I just used regular chalk.  It just seemed to be hard to write/design on this paper.  It didn't take the chalk the same as a real chalkboard.  I tried to use colored chalk but it just ended up looking almost white.  So this is what I ended up with.  I think I'll stick to digital/faux chalk art designing and skip the real chalk art!

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Box Chalkboard Design

This box is for the fashion glamor girl!  Heart socks, nail polish, lip glosses and candy!

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Box Chalkboard Design with Fashion Gifts

This last one is another favorite, it's only made from various scrapbook papers.   I turned to one of my Pinterest Boards for this paper rose technique.  I was so happy to use something I pinned for once!  You can find the tutorial to make these roses here.  They really are super easy and fun to make.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Box with Paper Roses

I thought this box would be cute to give to a best girlfriend with their favorite lip stick or lip gloss and a little candy!

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Box with Paper Roses Inside

These 3 are my favorite.  I just love creating with paper!

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Box Designs Group3

I hope these spark your own creativity to dress up those boring chocolate heart boxes!

Valentine's Day Chocolate Heart Box Designs Group2

Here's your FREE heart template that I mentioned earlier in this post.  Just click the photo below and you will be able to download and PDF file of hearts to print out and use for your craft projects.

Heart Tracing Templates

Have fun crafting!! Linked up at:  I Heart Nap Time, Lil' Luna, Somewhat Simple, Tatertots & Jello, Today's Creative Blog & A to Zebra Celebrations

Hot Cocoa Cookies & Me Baking at Age 3

Posted by Amy Miller on 01 February, 2013

Do you love to bake?  Me too!  I've loved baking since as far as I can remember.  Below is a picture of me getting my baking on at age 3!  I loved using that sifter when I was a kid, I thought it was the coolest gadget.  Now I use a wire mesh strainer (kind of like this one) to sift my flour.

Amy sifting flour - Age 3

From time to time I'll share with you some of my own recipes and some from others.  It will probably be more recipes from others since I follow way too many baking bloggers that I'd care to admit!  Today I'm sharing with you some yummy Hot Cocoa Cookies that I made from the popular sweet treats blogger Love From The Oven.  Find the recipe here.

Hot Cocoa Cookies

Do you have a favorite cookie recipe you would like to share?  Leave a link to the recipe in the comments below. Happy Baking! What’s Baking is a section on my blog where I share various items I’ve been making and baking!  I’ve loved to bake since I was little!  Some recipes or creations I’ve made up myself and some are things I’ve made from my way too many Pinterest boards and from way too many bloggers I follow.  To take a look at some other things I’ve been baking go here!

Valentines Day Subway Art and Cupcake Decorations

Posted by Amy Miller on 27 January, 2013

Just wanted to share some new Valentine's Day items that I've created this year and are available in the shop now!  Click on the photos below to go straight to the shop listing to purchase. Valentine's Day Subway Artwork Print - This print is 8x10, printed and ready to pop into a frame.  This print is currently on SALE for 50% off , making it $9.00 through February 9th, 2013.


Valentine's Day Faux Cupcake Decorations - I have many Valentine's Day themed faux cupcakes but these are a couple new ones I added to the mix this year!



Valentine's Day Faux Cupcake Photo and Note Card Holders:  Perfect to attach a little love note to!



A variety of Valentine's Day cupcake decorations I make that you can find here:



Happy Valentine's Day!!