Hot Cocoa Cookies & Me Baking at Age 3

Posted by Amy Miller on 01 February, 2013

Do you love to bake?  Me too!  I've loved baking since as far as I can remember.  Below is a picture of me getting my baking on at age 3!  I loved using that sifter when I was a kid, I thought it was the coolest gadget.  Now I use a wire mesh strainer (kind of like this one) to sift my flour.

Amy sifting flour - Age 3

From time to time I'll share with you some of my own recipes and some from others.  It will probably be more recipes from others since I follow way too many baking bloggers that I'd care to admit!  Today I'm sharing with you some yummy Hot Cocoa Cookies that I made from the popular sweet treats blogger Love From The Oven.  Find the recipe here.

Hot Cocoa Cookies

Do you have a favorite cookie recipe you would like to share?  Leave a link to the recipe in the comments below. Happy Baking! What’s Baking is a section on my blog where I share various items I’ve been making and baking!  I’ve loved to bake since I was little!  Some recipes or creations I’ve made up myself and some are things I’ve made from my way too many Pinterest boards and from way too many bloggers I follow.  To take a look at some other things I’ve been baking go here!

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