Margarita Cupcakes and Free Lime Wedge Printable!

Posted by Amy Miller on 01 May, 2013

With Cinco de Mayo coming up I wanted to share some margarita cupcakes with you and a FREE lime wedge printable!

I made these awhile back when my husband had a Mexican themed food day in his department.  I needed a recipe that did not contain alcohol since they were going to be consumed in a work environment.  My friend Julie suggested a recipe from Wilton that you can find here.  The frosting is a lime cream cheese recipe that you can download and print here.

Mini Margarita Cupcakes from Amy Miller Designs

To garnish I wanted them to mimic margaritas so I "rimmed" the edge of the frosting with colored sugar and then cut plastic straws into 1 1/2" - 2" sections and inserted them in the cupcake.  For the lime wedge on the side you can use a real lime wedge, a sugar candy one or a FREE faux printable one like I did.  You can download and print the lime wedges from a link further down this post.

Free Printable Lime Wedge from Amy Miller Designs

I made 2 different lime sizes to choose from.  I made one that is 1 1/2" that works well for mini sized cupcakes (that's the size that I made in this post) or a 2" one that works well for regular sized cupcakes.

Free Printable Lime Wedge from Amy Miller Designs

To make the paper faux lime wedges download the file and print from the links below.  Use a 1 1/2" or 2" circle punch (depending on which size you are using) to cut out the limes.  You can use a scissors too, but it's much quicker with a punch. If you want the lime wedge to be seen on both sides, fold the circle lime in half, poke a hole in the middle with a toothpick and secure with a piece of double sided tape.  If you just want the lime wedge to show on one side cut the circle lime in half and tape a toothpick on the back side of it.

Margarita Cupcakes from Amy Miller Designs

I also used the paper lime wedges to decorate my cake stand as you can see.

printable lime wedges by Amy Miller Designs

To download the FREE lime wedge printables click here for the 1 1/2" file and click here for the 2" file.  As with any free artwork on my website, please use this for personal use only. If you use these printables please let me know how you used them! For more fun Fiesta ideas check out my Pinterest board here! What’s Baking is a section on my blog where I share various items I’ve been making and baking!  I’ve loved to bake since I was little!  Some recipes or creations I’ve made up myself and some are things I’ve made from my way too many Pinterest boards and from way too many bloggers I follow.  To take a look at some other things I’ve been baking go here!

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