Is Black Thursday the New Black Friday?

Posted by Amy Miller on 22 November, 2013

Is anyone else tired and confused on all the Pre Black Friday / Black Thursday / Black Friday / Etc. sales?  I sure am.  It makes me start to think if anything is really a good deal at all on these sales or is it just hype.

Black Friday Confusion

 I don't participate in the whole Black Friday sales thing as much as I use to.  I do sometimes shop a little online that day if I'm not busy filling orders for my shop.  I think the last time I went out on Black Friday was a couple years ago and I went to Target at 5:00 am or so.  I found most of the items I was looking for and then went to check out and it was absolute chaos.  The shopping part of it wasn't that bad (except all the carts were gone and I had to carry everything I wanted in my hands) but the check out line was a mess!  People were cutting in lines, lines were wrapping around all over the store...just crazy.  I think I stood in line for about 45 minutes to 1 hour to pay and debated was this really worth my time and the anger it's causing me.  The older I get the more annoyed I get with large crowds.  Anyone else feel that way?  I think that's why I enjoy shopping online more and stupid people in my way! ; ) So are you going to brave the crowds on Black Thursday/Friday?  I'm not going to say I'll never go out on that day again, but that so called "deal" better be a good deal to get me out there!

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