Valentine's Day Tree Decorations

Posted by Amy Miller on 04 February, 2016

Do you decorate a lot for Valentine's Day?  I have a couple areas in my house where I switch out seasonal decor.  I lack table top space to decorate in my house, which is probably a good thing or I would go crazy with decorations!  I came across this small white tree a few years ago and made it into a Valentine's Day tree.  A perfect tree to display my Valentine's cupcake ornaments

valentine's day tree decorations


white valentine's day tree


valentine cupcake tree decorations

I also have a small pink tree that I use in my office at Christmas time decorated with Hello Kitty ornaments, but now it has cupcakes!

valentines cupcake tree decorations

Need some goodies for your Valentine's Day tree?  Head to my shop and take a look around!

Valentines cupcake decorations

The tree below is one of those wire foil centerpieces that I found at the dollar store.  I just fanned out the wire and took a pencil and wrapped the wire around the ends in a spiral pattern to make "hooks" to hang my cupcakes on.

valentines day tree decorations

Happy decorating!

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