Social Distancing Neighborhood Visual Easter Egg Hunt with Free Printables

Posted by Amy Miller on 11 April, 2020

Since Easter Egg Hunts are cancelled this year I decided to make a visual paper Easter Egg hunt in my front yard!  During this uncertain time with the coronavirus I wanted to make something fun for my neighborhood to enjoy on their daily walks and spread a little joy for kids and adults.  This Visual Easter Egg Hunt kit includes 6 eggs and a sign to place outside. 

Easter Egg Hunt Printables

There are 3 egg versions to choose page has 6 colored patterned eggs, another page has 6 black and white outlined patterned eggs to color yourself and there is one page with just 6 plain eggs to color and design however you would like. The eggs measure 3 3/4" tall once cut out.  Six eggs print per page.

Easter Egg Hunt Coloring Sheets

Once you've printed and/or colored your paper eggs you can attach them to a stick to put in the ground.  I happened to have some bamboo skewers on hand and they worked very well to attach the egg to the stick with scotch tape. 

Easter Egg Hunt Egg How To

Paper Eggs for Easter Egg Hunt

I found a wooden stake in our scrap pile to hold up my sign.  I also found a clear sleeve to insert my sign into to protect it from the elements outside.  I'm not sure where I even got this clear plastic sleeve but you could also use a clear sheet protector.  I used a staple gun to attach the sign to the wooden stake. 

Easter Egg Hunt SignI placed the eggs throughout the front yard and might move them each day.  Can you find the eggs below?! 

Easter Egg Hunt Paper Egg Display Click this link to download your free printable Visual Easter Egg hunt kit.  Have fun and share photos with me if you use this kit.  Have fun, stay safe and have a Happy Easter!!


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