4th of July Cupcake Artprint 60% off

Posted by Amy Miller on 26 June, 2014

My cute Stars, Stripes and Cupcakes artprint is currently on sale for $7.20, 60% off through June 28th!  No coupon code needed.  The artprint is 8x10 and ready to be shipped today!  Grab your print in the shop here!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Posted by Amy Miller on 17 March, 2014

St. Patricks Day

Shop for St. Patrick's Day decorations here.

Olympic Fever Free USA Printable

Posted by Amy Miller on 07 February, 2014

The winter Olympics are upon us. Do you have Olympic Fever?  I enjoy watching the winter Olympics more than the summer.  My favorite winter sport to watch is curling, yes curling, followed by the various skiing events. I'm not sure why I'm drawn to curling.  I guess I just find it fascinating that you throw a rock down the ice and people use brooms to keep it going and going straight.  FYI, I know I'm not using the correct terms, I have to relearn them every 4 years! ; )  What's your favorite Olympic sport to watch? I've made a Free 8x10 USA Olympic printable to download if you have the Olympic spirit going on in your house.  Click here to download the file. USA Olympics Free Printable by Amy Miller Designs

Go USA!!

Purple Cow, yes I said Purple Cow!

Posted by Amy Miller on 29 January, 2014

Last Friday I had my wisdom teeth removed which left me with very little food to eat for a few days while I was told to be on a soft diet.  You know what that meant right?  Eat as much ice cream as you want, well maybe not as much as you want but you get my ice cream eating guilt, I was told to eat ice cream! My husband ran out to get some "soft food" groceries for me and I told him to pick up some grape juice, I was getting sick of just drinking water.  When I was helping him put the groceries away I saw the grape juice and ice cream sitting together on the counter.

Purple Cow (ice cream and grape juice) by Amy Miller Designs

My childhood came calling back to me saying "Amy, make a purple cow!"  So here you go...a Purple Cow!

Purple Cow (ice cream and grape juice) by Amy Miller Designs

Scoop some vanilla ice cream in a glass and pour grape juice over the ice cream and you have a purple cow!  So you might be asking where did you come up with this awesome concoction?  I have to give all the credit to Mister Rogers' Neighborhood!  Yes, I learned how to make these from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood when I was a kid.  I must say they are totally yummy, makes a cool purple color and I have now become a little addicted to them.  If grape juice isn't your thing you can add whatever juice you want to the ice cream and make up your own _____cow float! Thanks Mister Rogers for making my wisdom teeth removal a little more enjoyable! ; ) What’s Baking is a section on my blog where I share various items I’ve been making and baking!  I’ve loved to bake since I was little!  Some recipes or creations I’ve made up myself and some are things I’ve made from my way too many Pinterest boards and from way too many bloggers I follow.  To take a look at some other things I’ve been baking go here!

I want to see you be Brave!

Posted by Amy Miller on 23 January, 2014

Hello!  It's been awhile since I've said much on my blog.  It always takes me a little while to get back in the swing of things after the Holidays.  I had so many ideas and things I was going to share with you in December but time slipped away being busy in my shop, went back home for a week and now January is close to being done!  I always feel I need about 3-4 weeks to get back to normal after the Holidays. I hope 2014 has been off to a good start for all of you.  Did you make any New Years resolutions?  I'm not a big New Years resolution person.  In general I just try to be a better person than the past year.  What does that mean?  Well eat a few more healthier choices, keep moving a little more, be kinder and less judgmental.  I know some people choose a word for the year ahead to strive to be better at.  Some examples I have seen are: Joy, Focus, Purpose, Simplify and Adventure.  The goal is to focus on that one word in various aspects of your life for the year ahead.  I've never done the one word resolution before but Sara Bareilles' popular song Brave made me think about doing it this year with the word, wait for it...Brave!

Brave Printable by

Have you heard her song before or watched her video?  If not watch it below and really listen to the words.  I also love her video.  You know the phrase "dance like no one is watching", well this video is pretty much the literal interpretation of that!  Give it a watch, it might make your day!   So why did this word speak to me?  Well in general I'd like to be a little more Brave in many aspects of life.  I'm pretty much a person who loves rules, I'm on the quiet side and I analyze everything to death.  I sound like a really fun person don't I! ha ha  Since I analyze everything to death I suffer from analysis paralysis.   What is that?  As defined by Wikipedia analysis paralysis is the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.  I'm pretty good at talking myself out of things.  I get a gold star for that! So that's where the word Brave comes in to try and help me get over the speed bumps that I build up for myself and then talk myself out of things.  I need to be Brave and blow past those speed bumps (break some rules), speak my mind a little more and stop with the self doubt talk and just go for it!  Anybody with me and want to be more Brave? To be a little more Brave I've made a few FREE printables to help get our Brave on! Below is a FREE 8 x 10 Artprint to help you be Brave!  The words are from Sara Bareilles' song Brave.  Click here to download the image.

I also created a FREE 5x7 BRAVE printable in a Rainbow and Black and White design.  Download the rainbow one here and the black and white one here.  FYI - the large copyright and website address underneath the artwork will not be on the downloaded file.


Just download, print, cut and place it somewhere in your home or office to remind you to be a little more Brave this year! So for me not having a resolution this year I guess I lied.  My resolution is to be Brave! Did you make any New Years resolutions this year?

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas...

Posted by Amy Miller on 13 December, 2013

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Twelve Cute Cupcake Ornaments! ; ) Christmas is approaching fast and so is the deadline to purchase items online.  Last day to purchase items from my shop to arrive by Christmas is Monday, December 16th. The 12 cupcakes below are just a few of the many styles that are available here! Traditional Christmas Colors:

Cupcake Ornaments by Amy Miller Designs

Personalized: Get a personalized cupcake for someone you know.  Kids LOVE seeing their names on items!  Personalize one for a Teacher, Baby's 1st Christmas and recently married couples with Our 1st Christmas.  Want your cupcake to say something a little different, just let me know and I most likely can make it for you.

Personalized Cupcake Ornaments by Amy Miller Designs

Patterns Galore: There are many beautiful and fun patterns to choose from including Chevron, Flowers, Animal Print and Damask.

Personalized Cupcake Ornaments by Amy Miller Designs

Happy Shopping!

Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Posted by Amy Miller on 05 December, 2013

Do you have any teachers on your Christmas List to buy for this year?   If so below are some personalized teacher's Christmas ornaments that are available in my shop here!

Teachers cupcake gift by Amy Miller Designs

Is a gift card more your thing?  I have a FREE DIY gift card holder and matching note card to add a little message with the gift card.  You can find the downloadable gift card holder and note card here.

Free printable teacher appreciation gift card holder and note card by Amy Miller Designs 

Now is the time to place your Holiday orders!

Posted by Amy Miller on 02 December, 2013

Just a quick reminder to all my international customers it's time to place your orders now so they arrive to you by Christmas!  Customers in the USA, you can place your orders now too! ; )

Cupcake Ornament Orders

I make a variety of cupcake ornaments with many fun patterns to fit everyone on your list.  Some can be personalized for a child, teacher, a first couples Christmas and baby's first Christmas.  Check out all these plus many more cute cupcake ornaments in my shop here!

Cupcake Ornaments by Amy Miller Designs

Is Black Thursday the New Black Friday?

Posted by Amy Miller on 22 November, 2013

Is anyone else tired and confused on all the Pre Black Friday / Black Thursday / Black Friday / Etc. sales?  I sure am.  It makes me start to think if anything is really a good deal at all on these sales or is it just hype.

Black Friday Confusion

 I don't participate in the whole Black Friday sales thing as much as I use to.  I do sometimes shop a little online that day if I'm not busy filling orders for my shop.  I think the last time I went out on Black Friday was a couple years ago and I went to Target at 5:00 am or so.  I found most of the items I was looking for and then went to check out and it was absolute chaos.  The shopping part of it wasn't that bad (except all the carts were gone and I had to carry everything I wanted in my hands) but the check out line was a mess!  People were cutting in lines, lines were wrapping around all over the store...just crazy.  I think I stood in line for about 45 minutes to 1 hour to pay and debated was this really worth my time and the anger it's causing me.  The older I get the more annoyed I get with large crowds.  Anyone else feel that way?  I think that's why I enjoy shopping online more and stupid people in my way! ; ) So are you going to brave the crowds on Black Thursday/Friday?  I'm not going to say I'll never go out on that day again, but that so called "deal" better be a good deal to get me out there!

Gingerbread Themed Cookie Exchange Party Kit

Posted by Amy Miller on 22 November, 2013

Planning a Cookie Exchange / Cookie Swap?  I've got an adorable DIY Printable Cookie Exchange Party kit available for you in my shop.  This kit comes with all the printables you see below!  It's a lot of items all done in a gingerbread woman theme.  All the artwork is original created by myself, you will not find these designs anywhere else.

Cookie Exchange Gingerbread Woman Thememed Printables by Amy Miller Designs

Let's go in for a closer look.  Below is the custom invitation.  You send me all your party details and I'll make you a custom invitation.

Cookie Exchange Gingerbread Woman Printable Invitations by Amy Miller Designs

Next up is a cute circle banner that spells "Cookies" to hang at your cookie station.

Cookie Swap Printable Banner by Amy Miller Designs

Let's zoom in a little more on that banner.  The letters on the banner are made to look like frosted sugar cookies with sprinkles.

Cookie Exchange Printable Banner by Amy Miller Designs

Also in the kit is a Welcome sign to tape on your door or put in a frame in your entry way.  There are blank tent style food label cards to use to label all the variety of yummies that everyone will bring.

Cookie Exchange Printable Food Labels by Amy Miller Designs

Three different favor tag designs are included.  You can use them to label everyone's cookie boxes or plates and attach them to party favors.  The 3 designs are a gingerbread woman, Thank you! (with the "o" being the gingerbread woman's face) and a fill in the blank style with sprinkles around the edge.  You can use these for the box/plate labels and write the person's name on them.  The tags can be cut square (like the one on the plate) or cut into circles with a 2" circle punch.

Cookie Exchange Printable Favor Tags by Amy Miller Designs

Matching recipe cards print 4 to a page.  You can use these as a little party favor and include a cookie cutter and package them in a cellophane bag and attach with a matching favor tag.

Cookie Swap Gingerbread Woman Themed Printables by Amy Miller Designs

Let's zoom in a little more on the favor tag, recipe card, food label and peppermint whoopie pies!  FYI those whoopie pies are so yummy, I'll share the recipe soon!

Cookie Exchange Printable Recipe Cards by Amy Miller Designs

One more close up!

Cookie Exchange Gingerbread Woman Themed Printables by Amy Miller Designs

I told you it was a lot of cute designs!  Get a jump on your cookie party and get your printable kit here. If you don't need the whole kit you can also buy some of the items individually but the kit is a better value.  Here are the direct links to the individual items:  Invitation, Cookie Banner and Favor Tags.  All the individual items except for the invitation are all instant downloads.  What's an instant download?  Once you purchase the item/design the PDF file will be sent to your e-mail address right away. FYI, I get many requests from customers that want the Cookie Banner to say different things like "Cookie Swap", "Welcome", "Cookie Exchange" and other wording.  I am able to make the banner say different things (for an additional fee) for your needs, just let me know! In a few more days I'll share some pictures of this cute kit in action at a real cookie exchange party. Are you hosting a Cookie Exchange this year?  If yes, I'd like an invite!  ha ha ; )